From its attractive views of Pikes Peak and the Front Range to rolling hills, recreation parks and trails, and history of agriculture. Fountain boasts the charming aspects of country living with the urban amenities of great restaurants and stores.

Fountain Strategic Plan

Strategic Priority: Transportation Infrastructure

Improve the conditions of City-wide transportation infrastructure in order to support enhanced road safety, encourage economic development and improve traffic flow, focused principally on major City transportation corridors, then residential areas
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Strategic Priority: Telecommunications Technology and Capabilities

The City will take necessary steps to develop, coordinate and implement initiatives and programs that improve citizen access to telecommunications technology and capabilities.
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Strategic Priority: Distribution of Public Safety Resources

Public Safety
The City will re-assess the distribution of public safety resources and develop, coordinate and implement necessary plans and initiatives to ensure equal access to such services throughout the City’s jurisdiction. 

Strategic Priority: Recreation Opportunities and Venues

Complete necessary coordination and initiate plans to improve the availability of venues which support a variety of community activities to include athletics, recreation, youth programs and gatherings.  Whenever possible, pursue funding for these activities that leverage a variety of resourcing opportunities, minimizing cost to the Community.

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