Garbage and Junk Removal

In order to maintain healthy and visibly appealing neighborhoods, residents are encouraged to keep sidewalks, driveway, and yards clean and free of litter, garbage, and junk by:

  • Discarding garbage and household rubbish in a clean and sanitary way that prevents it from becoming a home for rodents, insects, or other pests.

  • Only storing garbage in leak proof, watertight containers with tight fitting lids. Plastic bags will not keep animals out of garbage and should not be used for outdoor storage, except perhaps on scheduled pick-up days.

  • Removing garbage and rubbish at least once each week, or as often as necessary to prevent it from creating nuisance conditions i.e. being unsightly, odorous, or a health hazard.

  • Keeping junk stored within the garage or shed.

"Junk" means any used, broken, discarded or abandoned materials. This  includes wood, paper, glass, rags, rubber, metal, concrete or other personal property, whether of value or valueless, and which may or may not be partly or wholly assembled into motor vehicles, machinery or other useful objects of any kind. It also includes motor vehicles, appliances and any parts thereof, which are no longer in an operable condition, and mobile homes or travel trailers which are abandoned, being dismantled or partially dismantled.